Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Tattoo!

After a lot of looking around, and trying to find the perfect artist, I found Chee, from Railey beach, Krabi, Thailand. Most of his work is freehand, and he is amazing. Everything was clean, and sterile...he even gave me the needles after each session. I have a collection! This took about 10 hours of tattoo time, not to mention breaks and and stuff. It was a mix of mild to horrible pain. When I asked Chee where his most painful tattoo was, he simply said "here", and gave a grim smile. After all was over, we celebrated and took some pictures. I will have to post some more pictures of Chee.

This is a picture of Phra Rahu. He is a character of Thai astrology/mythology. Story goes that the gods and demons got together to make a potion of immortality. Rahu dressed as an angle, and drank moments before he was recognized. He was cut in half, but lived as an immortal. Now he is said to eat the moon(his other half the sun, he is a kind of giant) for revenge. It's basically a metaphor for an eclipse. Locals say it rids bad things from the body and soul. It allows new beginnings. Its sort of a good luck symbol.

This guy is amazing! Most of this is freehand!

Chee at work

the masterpiece!


  1. way to rake it in chee! this looks awesome!

  2. how much did he charge you?